Providing Comfort – Bear for an Angel

Bear for an Angel is an amazing organisation which supports grieving families following the loss of their child, no matter what age or gestation. Bear for an Angel was founded by Michelle McGunnagle who has, herself, suffered several losses and you can read her full story here.

Latest figures show that 1 in 4 women suffer miscarriage, missed miscarriage, ectopic or molar pregnancies, and as early losses are often not acknowledged by many hospitals or care providers these families, often in shock, have to go home with empty arms and a broken heart.

Michelle McGunnagle says ‘At Bear for an Angel we believe that every baby is precious and should be remembered, acknowledged and is loved no matter what gestation or age. We provide comfort & acknowledgement to bereaved families affected by the devastation of pregnancy, baby or child loss. We donate ‘Bags of Love’ to Ipswich hospital epau (although we’d like to offer these to more hospitals and funeral directors eventually), and we also offer our ‘no sew’ memory bear packages to bereaved families throughout the UK’.

Bags of Love:

  • A tiny teddy bear
  • A tea light
  • A mini acknowledgement of life
  • A mini quote scroll
  • Our bear poem
  • Butterfly bubbles
  • A tibeton silver charm
  • All inside a organza bag


Our Memory Bear Package

  • An 8 inch teddy bear skin
  • A bag of stuffing
  • A wishing star
  • Our Bear for and Angel poem card
  • A tea light or small candle
  • A teddy bear certificate

Bears for an Angel use the slogan ‘Comfort in a Cuddle’, their bears are a cuddly companion to hug, filling empty arms and helping grieving hearts to find comfort while acknowledging the lives of precious babies sadly gone too soon. Another fantastic thing about these bears is that they are ‘no sew’, which means that a sound device containing the baby’s heartbeat, a spoken message from someone, a scent chip, a vibrating heart or a few ashes or keepsake can be added inside.

There is also the chance to help another bereaved family whilst helping the memory of your babies live on through our Give a bear option which is such a wonderful gift to give. Beyond the bear there is our emotional support network via social media which families find invaluable and is run by bereaved parents so we understand what you are going through.

Our Aims are:

  • Provide an emotional support network via our Facebook & Twitter pages to ease the isolation of baby loss.
  • Connect grieving families via our social media pages & give a bear option a wonderful gift to give to another bereaved family.
  • Provide funding towards our no sew bear packages to provide comfort at times of sadness and to make memories in the UK after any loss, up to 21 years.
  • Provide free bags of love to bereaved parents after loss in early pregnancy to provide acknowledgement in the UK.
  • Provide free acknowledgements of life via download for any loss who didn’t receive any birth certificate.
  • Provide free memorial pages in partnership with Much Loved.
  • Raise awareness of pregnancy, baby & child loss by events, flyers and advertising.


  • We have grown to over 11,000 members on our Facebook page and growing
  • We have helped over 600 families receive a package
  • We funded 36 Xmas comfort packages (DEC 2016)
  • We donated 14 bags of love to Ipswich hospitals epau

Michelle is passionate about baby and child loss and wants Bear for an Angel bags of love in every hospital epu, bereavement suites and silent rooms no mother should go home without anything to acknowledge their precious baby.

Please visit Bear for an Angel if you have suffered a loss, or if you can support this amazing organisation in any way. You can visit their website here.

To ensure that this fantastic support continues they need as many supporters as possible to help with fundraising. If you feel you can help in any way, then please click here.

You can also find them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter