Sophie’s 2nd Birthday

In less than two months it will be your 2nd birthday, how is that even possible!? How has it been nearly two years since you were born? What can we do to make this year special?

It is just so hard to plan a birthday for someone who is no longer with us, and absolutely everybody seems to have an opinion on what we should do, and how the day should go! Some think that the day should be celebrated with family and friends, while others feel that it should be a quiet affair with just me, Paul and the boys.

It is easy in comparison to plan a birthday party or celebration for your living children; to plan a large gathering with lots of family and friends, playing pass the parcel and eating Peppa Pig birthday cake! But when your child isn’t here it can be so hard to plan. The things that I envisaged for her birthday parties can never happen… and I struggle with that thought.

Last year, as it was her first birthday, we celebrated with lots of family and friends; I made cupcakes and we all had ‘tea and cakes’ before going to visit Sophie at her resting place; we then watched the most beautiful dove release by Sophie’s forever bed, and finally we went for a delicious meal at an Italian restaurant. But this year things are different, it’s not the first birthday anymore, many people are not expecting me to plan something, and I’m finding it quite hard!

Paul and I have conflicting opinions which doesn’t help! He would like a quiet day, with just me and the boys; almost a day of mourning and reflection. I, on the other hand, would like family and friends to be involved, with cake, a nice meal, and maybe a balloon release; so we can celebrate and remember the joy that she brought us… no matter how brief.

So, we will need to find a compromise! Maybe we can see friends and family the day before her birthday, which will then leave her birthday free for just us! What did you do on your angels birthday? How do you choose the remember the day?


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