Family Life and Striking a Balance

I have recently been asked how I strike a balance between my family life and raising awareness for stillbirth; this is really hard to answer as it can be very tricky! It has been the cause of many disagreements between Paul and I, and I have had to adapt to fit in with my ever changing and sometimes demanding family!

The need to have Sophie remembered and recognised is more powerful than I ever imagined! I want her story to help others and I have huge plans for the future of Sophie’s Angels… but I know I need to take this one step at a time! The support group Sophie’s Angels is becoming very successful, and the Facebook Page is also successful… This makes me feel good and helps me to know that Sophie is helping people.

However, I have to strike a balance between Sophie’s Angels and my family life, and that is the part that i find very difficult at the moment! I have neglected my friends recently… sorry I will try to get to see you later this week! And I’m sure that I could do with planning my time better!

So in answer to this question… I’m not sure! I just seem to be able to fit it in, and I’m careful to not overstretch myself!!!

One thought on “Family Life and Striking a Balance

  1. You should be very proud of yourself and what you have achieved Maria x to go through what you have and to still hold it together just shows what strength you have x also to be raising awareness and being their for others is such a selfless thing to do x your an amazing women , mother and friend x


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