Changes and Developments

Name and Domain Change

I am always trying to think of ways to move forward with the Our Angel Sophie Blog and Facebook page, and the Sophie’s Angels Support Group; we are constantly changing and evolving and as I’d now like to move to the next level and make it much more accessible to more people, I have decided, after a lot of thought and many conversations with a range of people, to change the name to reflect what I would like to achieve in honour of my daughter, and the awareness that I hope to raise. Therefore, ‘Our Angel Sophie’ will be changing to ‘Sophie’s Angels’; this is the name of the support group and I feel that it would therefore be best to have the same name for this blog; and also across the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).

I have only put this off because changing the domain name may mean that the blog loses followers; however, I think that now is the right time to make the change, rather than waiting any longer. This will also mean that some of the older links may not work for a few days while I spend time creating new links on the new domain. I will be changing the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube names this week; and the blog will be completed (hopefully by Friday 26th January); but I will of course keep you updated, in the hope that you follow the new blog when it’s up and running!

I have some very big and exciting plans for Sophie’s Angels and more will be revealed very soon! The only way to make this possible is to make this change now. Thank you for your continued support.

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