A Mother’s Promise

When I make a promise to one of my children I will move mountains to make sure I keep that promise, a mother is someone that the children are supposed to be able to depend on… and I sure as hell am not going to break a promise I make to one of my children.

When Sophie was born I made 3 promises. The first was that I would always love and remember her… that one is easy to keep because she will always be my daughter and I will always love her; the second promise was that we would find out why she died; this one was slightly harder because the post mortem can back largely inconclusive… she was perfectly healthy which was hard to bear, however, they were pretty certain that she died when a blood clot restricted her oxygen; the third promise was that I would make sure that other people know about her, help to support other mums who’s babies have died and campaign for safer pregnancies and births to try to stop other people going through this… Well… my girl! As said your mummy will never break that promise and through the Facebook page, the support group and this blog many, many people now know who you are, your story and have felt supported in their own grief.

I am shocked and humbled by how many people have visited this blog and amazed by how many different countries your story has reached. People from all over the world know who you are and I am very proud to be your mummy. I will never give up and I will never stop fighting to reduce that rates of stillbirth, and I will always help and support the mummies of your angel friends.

 Love always xxx


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