Mum… Why Does Every Baby You Have Die?

This question took me by surprise this morning! My 11 year old son asked me in between mouthfuls of cereal! Shit… how do I even begin to answer that!? How would you answer that if you were asked? An innocent 11 year old child should never even know the harsh reality of babies dying! Oh crap!

I explained to him that not every baby dies… that he and his two brothers didn’t die. But that the babies I lost early were probably very unwell. He started to say ‘but Sophie wasn’t unwell and I was really looking forward to having a sister’…. He started to cry, I was trying to comfort him as best as I could… it was just a situation that I never dreamed that I’d be in… and I never dreamt that my children would either.

Why did you leave? We were all so excited about bring you home! It’s not fair, it’s not right, and I don’t want to have to deal with this anymore!

Brendon is very sensitive and can become very emotional at times, I always encourage him to talk about his feelings but this time I was so unprepared! This is the harsh reality; the unspoken truth. It is not just the parents that deliver the baby, but also their other children plus the wider family who are affected. My son is always asking questions, but this particular one shocked me! Why does every baby I conceive seem to die? It’s not fair and mother nature just needs to give my family a break!


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