Permanent Memorial

It has been a long, hard battle. One with many emotions. From the start I wasn’t sure how I would feel when it was all completed. It’s been a real test for Paul and I, as well as the boys and our parents… I could never comprehend choosing a headstone for my child before losing Sophie, and to buy her a headstone for a birthday present was just unimaginable! We should be buying her walkers, a jumperoo and dolls; instead we were planning and deciding the design of her headstone, choosing the wording, the colours, whether we would like a kerb, do we want writing on the kerb?

I knew in advance when it was going to be fitted (that’s lucky as I’ve heard from some people that they were never told the date of fitting, and this caused a massive shock); however, because I’ve known for the last couple of weeks I’ve just had this sense of dread! I’ve felt really emotional and very ‘down’, because this really is everything completed now. My daughter has gone, she really is buried in a cemetery, and there is now a permanent reminder of this… as bizarre as it may sound while there’s no permanent memorial there it’s easier to cope. Now it’s obvious… she’s dead, not passed away or gone to a better place, but really dead and she’s not coming home.

So I’ve had this sense of dread for a couple of weeks and then on the 26th April at 2.55pm I received a call from the stone masons to tell me that it was all completed. Then everything changed! I suddenly became really excited!! And I had to go and see it immediately!! I just couldn’t wait! So, I left Brett looking after the younger two boys and went straight to the cemetery… There I cried, but it was a mixture of sad and happy! It was very emotive and extremely exciting; I’m sure you’ll agree that they did an amazing job for our gorgeous little girl! I can completely recommend Hayley and Paul and HJM Memorials, not just their workmanship but their customer service was outstanding too. You can contact them through their website:

Happy Birthday Sophie and we hope you like your present xxx


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