Multiple Miscarriages

So here I am writing about a subject that, until recently, had never crossed my mind; while awaiting a call from my consultant which never seems to come!

1 in 4 people will miscarry before 6 weeks of pregnancy, 80% of pregnancies fail in the first 4 weeks, and most people never knew they were pregnant as it happens before the period is due; but these are just statistics right??? Wrong! Miscarriage is another taboo subject that should be spoken about, these families deserve to have their baby remembered just like any one else, and they should also be allowed time to grieve their loss.

Since Sophie passed I have had multiple early miscarriages, the NHS don’t test for reasons until you have had more than 3 consecutive miscarriages and they have finally agreed to test for reasons, I will keep you posted! I have actually had 5 early miscarriages but because they weren’t consecutive I didn’t qualify for testing. We only have until the end of the year and if we’re not successful then at least we tried! A few people have said that maybe we shouldn’t try anymore, that it’s fate…. thank you for your concern but fate can kiss my backside right now! If the doctor is happy then we’re happy!!

I will be starting a series of blogs about what can cause early miscarriages, but please, if you’ve suffered a loss at any stage then please don’t stay silent, my email is always open

2 thoughts on “Multiple Miscarriages

  1. I’m so sorry that you suffered these losses. I think it’s an important subject to discuss. I had one miscarriage a few years ago, and I can’t believe how many women kept silent about it. I admire your ability to share and help others.


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