Personal Statement for University

How is it even possible to be this nervous!?

Where do I start?

What do I include?

So…. Here it is! The time has come to start writing my personal statement. I have spent months thinking about what I am going to include and the relevant bits and bobs! But now it’s come to writing it…. I’m really nervous! This is what they use to shortlist and first impressions count more than ever!! I have read a lot that says don’t put personal experiences and then some website say do put them if they’re relevant. I do believe that my experiences are relevant as I will be able to show empathy and compassion. I have experience of things going really well… but also very badly and I just don’t know whether to include it!!

I think what I will do is include a small paragraph and then put that I’m happy to discuss this at the interview… hope this sounds ok! I could literally use the 4000 characters writing about my experiences!!!

I will let you all know if I’m lucky enough to get any offers… but for now, I’ll keep biting my nails!!!


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