Memory Boxes

When a baby is born sleeping you only have a very short amount of time to create lasting memories. The midwife who delivered your baby will take hand and footprints, photographs (although they also encourage you to take your own photographs), they will cut a lock of hair if this is possible and they will help you to bathe and dress your baby. Memory boxes are a good place to store all these precious memories of your baby; Sophie’s box was donated by SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death charity) and they provide memory boxes to many hospitals across the UK. I will write another blog post about the fantastic work that SANDS do over the next few days, and post the link here.

So what was included in the memory box?

There will be a white blanket, two identical teddies (one to go with your baby, and one for you to keep), the cot card with details of the name, weight, length etc, a booklet for hand and footprints and details of the blessing, information about SANDS and how they can help, a small organza bag for the lock of hair and photographs of your baby. You can add anything else to the box as you wish; we also have Sophie’s first cardigan that he wore in the box. This is Sophie’s memory box:


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