Cold Cots

This is quite a difficult post for me to write but I have been asked twice recently how Sophie could stay with us and did she deteriorate while we spent the night and the next day at the hospital? OK so here goes, and this should help (I hope) to relay anyone’s fears if they are going though the same thing.

The hospital use something known as a cold cot (or cuddle cot as it’s sometimes called); these special cots have a refrigeration unit attached, keep the temperature inside the cot cool… this will help to keep your baby cool and slow down signs of deterioration; it allows for you to have as many cuddles as you like; as long as you place baby back inside the cold cot after each cuddle.

20160312_103219 (2).jpg

They come in various designs, Sophie’s was a wooden box with a lid and a comfy mattress! The lid helped to keep the temperature even cooler and this was perfect!, at the funeral directors the cold cot was a refrigerated moses basket and I have also heard of refrigerated mattresses being placed inside ordinary hospital cots.

Sophie didn’t deteriorate at all in hospital (babies can start to decompose within a few hours of birth), and even after her post-mortem she hadn’t deteriorated much due to being kept in cold cots; this was her at 16 days. In fact she really didn’t change much at all leading up to her funeral, and this is thanks to the cold cot. So if you have a chance to use one; then please do.


Some of the cold (cuddle) cots that I have seen:

One thought on “Cold Cots

  1. There is one thing that really bothers me about cold cots… They seem not to be regulated. Otis’ cold cot wasn’t turned on! Obviously, I assumed it was, but the midwife hadn’t switched it on. From Friday till Sunday I watched him deteriorate in front of my eyes, he started letting off a pungent smell and turning blue right in front of me. I didn’t realise till Sunday morning that this was because he was not at all temperature controlled since birth.

    So as far as I knew up till that point, Otis was deteriorating slowly & not as quick as he would have without the cold cot. It upset me, a lot. Because I wondered how quickly it’d be happening without. Then on Sunday he HAD to be picked up by the funeral director because I assumed that he was deteriorating that quickly WITH a cold cot. How wrong was I?! Two hours before he was picked up I noticed it was switched off 😦 I could have had more time with him had they regulated it & checked it every so often to make sure it was on and working okay. This is something I’m working towards now – I want to make sure ALL cots are checked when the midwife comes in the room to check on mum. Xxx


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