Jessica’s Story

I fell pregnant with Jessica in January/February 2015… I was really sick and had to take time off work; when I finally went to the doctors he told me I was 9 weeks pregnant; however, they thought that it might be an ectopic pregnancy and therefore I was rushed to hospital. 

Upon arriving at the hospital I was scanned; thankfully I was given the news that my baby was fine and I was sent home. The following week I started bleeding at home and visited the hospital again so that they could check the baby; The scan showed that baby was OK, I did however have a polyp on my cervix, but I was assured that this wouldn’t affect the pregnancy.

A couple of weeks later I had my 12-week scan and the sonographer said that everything was great and that the baby was healthy; I was so overjoyed I could not stop crying. I knew from day one that my angel was a girl I don’t know how, I just knew. A week after my scan the doctors discovered that I had bacterial vaginosis and gave me antibiotics. 

The following weeks flew by and James went to Spain for work. It was a Sunday night and James was still in Spain; we were saying good night and I remember saying to him ‘you work hard and when you get home me and our daughter will take care of you’ and he said ‘no our son’. 

The next morning, I was getting ready for work and white discharge ran down my leg, I didn’t think anything of it as you can have discharge when pregnant; however, by the time that I drove to work my waters were leaking. At this moment I didn’t know that my waters had broken and I called my aunt to explain to her what was happening; she told me to call a midwife. When I spoke to the midwife I was told to see my GP as soon as possible; I drove to my doctors, and called James on the way, I told him that ‘something wasn’t right and I’ll be in touch soon’. When I arrived at the doctors’ surgery I was sent to the hospital, and by the time I got to the entrance of the hospital my trousers were soaked through and I was in a such a state that I couldn’t stop crying. 

I was taken for a scan where I was told my waters had broken and there was no more fluid around the baby; they said that I could either wait to give birth or they could induce me. I asked them to wait as I believed they could still do something to save the baby. I was taken to a private room where my family gathered and at 9pm that night a midwife came and spoke to me; she said as there is no water left the baby is in distress and pain and would not grow anymore (I was only 18 weeks and 6 days so before the ‘viable’ stage). I then made the heart-breaking choice to be induced. 

At 6am the next morning they induced me and at 12 noon my contractions started. Jessica was born at 13.27 and it was the worst moment of my life. I was in the toilet by myself and when she came out and the silence was so deafening… I just kept thinking cry baby cry. After that I had to have an operation as my placenta would not come out.


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