A Child With The Same Name?

This is a warning post; it’s a warning to all the parents who have lost babies and it’s something that you need to be prepared for. I was totally unprepared, and therefore I thought I’d write a post about it!

ok…. So today I took my youngest to a toddler group; we go every week and most people their know us. There was a 3 week old baby girl there today and I was talking to her mum…. Feeling positive and remaining strong. Anyway, we were speaking for ages, when suddenly she said… ‘She’s called Sophie’… Well, that was the moment I completely buckled! I made my excuses, walked out of the room, and burst into tears!!! By the time I returned I looked a complete mess! Everyone starred, and I felt awful… So embarrassed!

so…. As a warning…. Be prepared! You will hear another child called the same name as your baby. To prepare yourself you can ask:

  • How will I feel?
  • How can I keep as calm as possible?
  • What can I do to get through it?
  • Will I tell them why I’m upset or not?

I was surprised by just how much it affected me so I wanted to warn other parents.


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