Comments Received

I am so grateful to the people who have taken the time to email me or Facebook message me with comments about this blog. I set up this blog to raise awareness of stillbirth and infant loss, and also to highlight positive things about pregnancy after stillbirth and infant loss and research within obstetrics; along with sharing my desire to become a midwife.

Since setting up this blog, I really feel that I am helping other people… which is exactly what my aim is! And I have received some lovely comments.

‘I have lost 2 babies late in pregnancy and felt that I had no support. It’s a really amazing thing that you are sharing Sophie and I no longer feel alone’

‘Please don’t stop writing; you are the only person I feel I can connect with at the moment’

‘So sorry for your loss, she was beautiful and thank you for helping to lift the taboo’

‘Please keep blogging, you are very brave and very inspiring’

‘It feels like a very lonely and depressing place; I can relate to everything you are writing. Thank you for helping me come to terms with Toby’s death’

‘Thank you for sharing our story on your blog’

‘Your blog is really helping me… I want to give you a big cuddle!’

So for everyone that has taken the time to message me… thank you…. And remember that if you ever need to talk; I’m only a message away.



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