Edward’s Story

Written by Edward’s mum Samantha. 

I’m lucky I have 4 earth babies who are my world but me and my partner decided we wanted one more, so we started trying and when we finally got bfp (big fat positive!) we were so excited. We went to 12 week scan and everything looked perfectly normal so my partner start buy bits and we also started to tell people our exciting news.

Everything was going great; we started looking for a bigger house and we found perfect house just before my 20 week scan. Little man was being a monkey and was laid transverse with hand his legs crossed during this scan; and we were therefore asked to go back at 22 weeks to get the rest measurements; everything was perfect and the sonographer said that the placenta was completely clear, and she told us we were having a little boy!


We were really excited and moved into our new home. I had to take my eldest to an appointment and I went to use the toilet, it was then that I discovered that I was bleeding, through shock and worry I telephoned the pregnancy assessment unit for advice; unfortunately midwife who I spoke to was really snotty with me over the phone because I had carried my notes with me; she told me that it would just be provoked bleeding, and the baby was active then it wasn’t urgent, therefore I could just go up whenever I wanted but it wasn’t urgent. I didn’t go to the hospital because she was so snotty and officious, and gave me the impression that I was worrying over nothing and it was almost like I was wasting their time.

Saturday at work and I fell on a wet floor and I was in agony all day; so when I left work I went home and tried to relaxed. On the Monday I went for the rescan to try to check his measurements (I was now 22 weeks). We managed to get my little monkey measured this time and I mentioned to sonographer that I had a bleed; she checked my placenta and discovered that I had grade 4 placenta previa, which means that the placenta was completely covering my cervix. She gave me some information about placenta previa and I was advised to be careful and not to have sex. That evening I went home and relaxed.


I woke up on Tuesday morning to find that I was bleeding again; I was rushed to hospital and admitted, I stayed in hospital for a week. On the 27th September 2014 I was discharged from hospital and placed on bed rest; However, the bleeding resumed on 28th September but this time it was much heavier. I was now 23 weeks and I was blue lighted to hospital, when I arrived the bleeding seemed to have stopped, the doctor scanned me and said that the baby was fine; he left the room and said that he would be back in an hour.

Approximately 30 minutes later I started bleeding again, and this time it was like a tap which had been turned on. The room was now filled with staff that came running, obstetricians, paediatricians and loads of midwives. My mum (who was with me at the time) had to leave the room and I was so scared. Again, the bleeding stopped and I was placed on complete bed rest and had to be catheterised. I couldn’t really sleep that night and I was scared to move; every time I moved or pumped I lost massive blood clots. The doctors kept saying that I needed 24 hours clear from bleeding so that I could be transferred to a hospital that could care for my handsome little man.


That morning my consultant came in on his day off, he insisted that I was transferred to a hospital that could cope and we finally arrived at that hospital at 1pm on the 29th of September 2014. At 7.30pm I started bleeding again and by this point I had lost 3 litres of blood; I was therefore rushed in for an emergency caesarean section.

My angel was born weighing 1lb 7 ounces; he was beautiful, so small and dinky. Edward was a fighter; he came out fighting so the doctors tried to help him. Unfortunately, on the 1st October 2014 Edward had a haemorrhage on his lung; however, he responded well to treatment. They were going to scan his brain again on Friday and it was perfect, with no sign of blood leaks. However, at 11 o’clock Edward’s tiny body just couldn’t fight any more and our angel was taken to heaven and piece my heart went with him.


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