I passed ‘Access to Midwifery’ with Distinctions!!

Well… I’ve done it! Don’t ask me how but I have!! It’s been a very long road, and taken me a lot longer than I expected but I have passed with 1 Merit and 15 Distinctions! I should receive my certificate next month. Level 2 work is just graded with a pass (P) or fail (F), and level 3 work is graded with a pass (P), merit (M) or distinction (D). 

A little bit of background information for those of you who don’t already know! I am a mum with 3 living children (Brett, Brendon and Aiden) and 2 angels; one was an early miscarriage at 10 weeks in 2015 and my other angel Sophie was born sleeping at 35 weeks in 2016. Just before having Aiden my husband and I spoke about me going back to work; I decided I really didn’t want to go back to a 9-5 office job and that my passion had always been with midwifery. After careful consideration we decided that we could work together so that I could train to become a midwife. 

I started studying for an ‘Access to Midwifery’ Diploma with the Distance Learning Centre as this would enable me to fit my studies around our family; and as I was pregnant at the time it was ideal because it meant I could begin straight away instead of waiting for the youngest to be old enough to go to a nursery or child minder. 

There have been many ups and downs during my studies, and many times I felt like giving up. But the passion that I have always made me persevere! There are times when I have taken a study break (during my miscarriage I took several weeks off), and I found it especially tricky after I gave birth to Sophie and I cried all the way through the last module (The Human Life Cycle)…. But I did it!! 

I also think that my experience will make me a far more compassionate and sympathetic midwife; not just because I have experienced first-hand what infant loss is like, but also because I have personal experience of Caesarean Sections, VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean), Pregnancy Swelling, Subchorionic Haematoma, Antiphospholipid Syndrome, Miscarriage and Stillbirth. 

So I am now looking forward to my future in midwifery and am looking to go to Canterbury Christchurch University in 2017 to study for the BSc (hons) Midwifery Degree!

dlc grades.png





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