Millie’s Story

Millie was born a healthy and happy baby girl on the 18 July 2013 at 4.30pm after a normal pregnancy weighing 6lbs. 

When Millie was 3 days old the midwife, during a home visit, raised concerns that Millie ‘did not look millie4right’; Millie had a rash similar to meningitis and she began to vomit (her vomit was coloured black). Millie was taken to Dorchester Hospital by her parents. The doctor examined Millie, but as her symptoms were so severe she was placed in an incubator and rushed to Southampton ICU baby unit by ambulance; Millie was placed on life support and examined; the doctor diagnosed Millie with having Strep B; She was then heavily sedated to make her comfortable.  


Millie’s condition deteriorated the following day and the doctor that was caring for Millie suggested that her parents should have her christened. If Millie were to survive this infection, then she would be left severely disabled and to save her a life of pain her parents made the difficult decision to turn off her life support machine – a decision no parent should ever have to make. 

millie6Millie’s parents we placed in a room while the medical staff were removing Millie’s tubes and wires; they then brought her in to the room with her parents. Millie was peacefully sleeping but still breathing. Her dad picked her up and gave her the biggest kiss and hug as she started slipping away. Half an hour later Millie took one final gasp of air, she shook and turned cold. She died in her father’s arms on 23rd July 2013. Millie was 5 days old.

Jimmy would like to thank Kirsty’s mum and dad for all the help and support they gave them during this heart breaking time. Jimmy said ‘I don’t know what we would have done without them’. 



4 thoughts on “Millie’s Story

  1. My heart went out to both my cousin James and his wife Kirsty in this their time of need and ever since. The time they spent with Millie was so precious and no one can take this from them, but why does this happen? More needs to be done to protect these little Angels from these fatal infections. Pre-Natal tests to detect them should be compulsory as obviously this did not develop overnight. God Bless you both and to other parents sadly in the same strong and god bless xx


  2. Thank you for your comments; my heart breaks for Jimmy too and all the other loss parents. I have no answer as to why these things happen… so many could be prevented which is so upsetting. I used to think that things like this didn’t happen very often and that the fact that 2% of babies pass away either in the womb or shortly after birth is a tiny percentage, however, since losing Sophie I realised that far too many babies lose their life and I agree that more should be done.

    I am hoping this blog will raise awareness and help to support parents who are going through this devastating situation. xxx


  3. Our little angel always in our and hearts. I was with Kristy and Jimmy at the hospital and it broke my heart to watch what they were going through but they were magnificent and handled it really well, as much as they could, all I could do was be there for them. I love them both. Millie’s Nana xxxxxxxxxxxx


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